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Official Notice of ex-officio extension for designated periods due to the effects of the COVID-19

2020-04-02 15:18:16
[KIPO Public Notice No. 2020 – 76]

Official Notice of ex-officio extension for designated periods due to the effects of the COVID-19.

Due to the domestic and international spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), there are concerns that applicants in the process of patents, utility models, designs and/or trademarks may not be able to abide the specified periods designated by the KIPO Commissioner, etc. as indicated in related legislations.

As such, if the designated periods, enumerated in the appendix, ends on a date between March 31, 2020 – April 29, 2020, the deadline of such periods according to Article 15(2) of the Patent Act, Article 3 of the Utility Model Act(Article 15(2) of the Patent Act shall apply mutatis mutandis), Article 17(2) of the Design Protection Act and Article 17(2) of the Trademark Act will be ex-officio extended until April 30, 2020.

March 30, 2020

Commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO)
President of the Intellectual Property Trial and Appeal Board (IPTAB)


1. At this time, periods such as the statutory period in the Patent Act (Trademark Act, Design Act, etc.) and the period for possible dispute between parties are excluded from the ex-officio extension. Please make sure to reference the appendix for the ex-officio extensions regarding the period for procedures related to patents (utility models, trademarks, etc.).

2. Regardless of the extension, if documents such as a written statement or amendment are submitted within the designated period, the procedures related to patents, etc. may proceed even though there is no request to reduce such period in order to avoid unnecessary delay.