We assist you to make creation, through communication not only with inventors,
but also among our internal members.

경쟁하기 보다는 경쟁력을 갖추겠습니다.

I am JongYoon Kim,
the representative attorney of Shinsegi.
Patent Law Firm.


Since this Patent Law Firm was established in 1995, we have in-
tended to share “hope and trust in society” with our members in
the firm, and also with clients who have had connections with our
law firm through protection of IP rights.

We are spending most of our time to protect the rights of our cli-
ents. This is absolutely necessary to reward them for their trust
on our firm. In addition, however, whenever we can afford it, we
are trying to show that Justice Wins, and that there is a human
being at the very bottom of Justice.

We know that Hope exists in Trust in society in the present
and/or in the future. More importantly, we know that Hope is
what we create together.

Therefore, we have been trying to build competence rather than
competing with others, and trying to use our competence for
common good in society rather than for our own competitive-

We wish our firm to become such an organization that each
member and each client of the firm become a tree, and they
gather to form a forest. Each tree is the master of the forest who
can enjoy the environment the forest has formed.


1976. 2 B.A. Seoul National University, Law Department, Korea
1990. 5 Master of IP Law, Franklin Pierce Law Center, U.S.A
1991. 5 LL.M. University of Georgia, Law School, U.S.A
1984 Patent Attorney, Korea
1992 Attorney in Law, New York, U.S.A.
1995 Representative Attorney, ‘Han-Dan Patent Office’,
Seoul, Korea
2004 Representative Attorney, ‘Shinsegi Patent Law Firm’,
Seoul, Korea
1998 Adjunct professor in ‘KyungHee University’, Seoul, Korea
“American IP laws”
2001 Adjunct professor in ‘KyungHee University’, Seoul, Korea
“Trademark law”
1997 Adviser in the Intellectual Property Right Complaints
Center, the Korean Intellectual Property Office, Seoul, Korea
1998 Director of International Affairs, in the Korean Patent
Attorneys Association
2002 - 2004 Committee member of the Korean Domain name
Dispute Resolution Committee
2004 Committee member of the Korean Internet Address
Dispute Resolution Committee
2007 - 2010 Chair of the Korean Internet Address Dispute
Resolution Committee
2011 - 2013 President of the Korea Trademark & Design
Association, Seoul, Korea