We assist you to make creation, through communication not only with inventors,
but also among our internal members.

Shinsegi Patent Law Firm,
love people.
We believe that Justice Wins, and that there is a human being at
the very bottom of Justice.
We know that Hope exists in Trust in society, and that Hope is
what we create together.
We come together to nourish the flame of hope.
Shinsegi Patent Law Firm,
are proud that our members have the best experties.

01. We are proud that our member have the highest level of
expertise in the field of IP laws.

02. We are proud that our members are always trying to provide
the best and comprehensive solution to clients.

03. We are proud that our members are not afraid of challenges to
unacceptable conventional ways.

04. We are proud that our firm is such an organization that each
member and each client of the firm become a tree, and they
gather to form a forest. We believe that each of our client is the
master of our firm, as a tree is the master of the forest.

05. We are proud that our members always try to follow the law
of the ‘Good Samaritan’