We try to suggest more valuable and comprehensive solutions.

Patent Team
We are a team with a strong power! Each of our members can be called as warrior.
Especially in automobile industry: One has 20 years’ experience
in transmission/engine; one has 20 years’ experiences in interior
design and chassis; one has 15 years’ experiences in electronic
communication; and one has 15 years’ experience in materials.
Together, only the four experts’ experiences add up to 70 years.
These experiences have led to competence in practicing patent
law. Our competence allows us to save time, and allows inventors
to add a new perspective to their inventions.
In addition, when that accumulated competence is handed down
to the new members of our team, they immediately start with a
higher level of knowledge and skill, as if they were veterans with
10 years of experiences in the field.
Each member of the team, from the youngest to the oldest, is
highly competent. Therefore, we call them warriors
Trademark-Design Team
We believe we are the best. We think our work is a kind of calling to contribute to a society, not just a work for living
We are the best. This belief may come from our professionalism.
Most trademark clients say that this team consists of true professionals.
We have solved many issues to be resulted in satisfactory outcome,
regardless of what type of trademark/design work is involved.
This is because each member of our team considers the work as a
“calling” to contribute to a society, rather than just a “work” for living.
That is the reason why we dedicate our full passion and energy to
whatever we do. Thus, we dare say “WE ARE THE BEST”.
International Team (Foreign Affairs Team)
We dream in English!
As the number of Korean companies entering overseas markets
increases, the need for patent protection in foreign countries increases.
In addition, as Korea’s industry becomes stronger, there is a growing
need for foreign companies to protect their patents in Korea. We are at
the forefront of international inter-industry exchanges.
All team members are veterans having a long career in this field.
We have handled more than 1,000 cases per year for many years.
We can say that our team is one of the most experienced one in
handling foreign cases in Korea.
We study hard constantly to understand foreign legal systems.
For better communication with foreign colleagues, we are trying to
learn more fluent English, even to dream in English
Administration Team
The administration team is our face and heart
To quote Youngbiachunga, a Korean political musical satire written in 1445,
“Trees that have strong, deep roots cannot be shaken by the wind. Water in
the deep well cannot be dried out by the draught.” This stresses the
significance of the foundation or base.
Like this quote, the administration team of Shinsegi is a flexible, organic
system that becomes a tree with strong, deep roots when shade is needed,
and a deep well when we are thirsty.
The administration team is our firm’s face and heart that touches colleagues’
and clients’ hearts by providing ready-made services, with kindness and a